Our hay comes from sources in Canada, the western U.S., the Finger Lakes, and local suppliers.

Our services include:

  • The finest hay, which we can deliver anywhere in the world
  • Top quality feed, and straw or shavings for bedding
  • Mulch or straw for silt fencing, seeding or shredding for contractors, which we can deliver to your desired location

In addition to horses, we have the knowledge and capacity to supply feed and hay for alpacas, zebras and any other alpine animals thanks to our relationship with Purina Mills.

Whatever size bale of hay works best for your farm, we have it.

We offer:

  • Conventional two-string hay bales (approximately 60 pounds)
  • Forty pound “kicker hay bales,” an economical choice and easy to maneuver
  • Eight hundred pound feed lot hay bales
  • Compressed, shrink wrapped hay bales (70-80 pounds, depending on first or second cutting)

Don’t see what you want? Just ask us. Customized solutions for our customers are always available.


Alfalfa Hay for sale

Alfalfa is often used to meet the special dietary needs of horses and cows. The high level of protein makes this variety desirable for brood mares and performance horses.

Hay Mixes for sale

Mixed grass hay can contain a variety of grass mixes from timothy, orchard, fescue, bermuda and other mixes that can be used to accomodate any need

Timothy Hay for sale

Timothy is the most popular choice for the equine industry providing the bulk of the equine nutrients. We produce and source some of the finest timothy in the northeast.

Triple Crown®

We are proud to announce that we carry Triple Crown®. Triple Crown® focuses only on super premium horse feeds, so you know your horse is getting the exact nutrition it needs in order to thrive. The Alfalfa is 15% protein, 1.5% fat, while the Timothy/Alfalfa is 12% protein, 1.8% fat.

Triple Crown® offers a large varity of products that are perfectly designed for your horse. Whether your horse's lifestyle is Pleasure, Performance, Senior, Growing, or a mini Triple Crown® has the product for you.



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